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Gates Carbon Drive plans to, literally, electrify the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show with a first-ever “Custom eBike Showcase” featuring a dozen original electric bicycles.

Gates partnered with leading electric bike system companies Bosch, SRAM and BionX, as well as hub maker NuVinci, and enlisted some of the finest custom builders to create the belt drive eBikes for the show, March 14-16 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The English Cycles electric  cargo bike pictured above features a stylish integration of the Gates belt drive system with the Bosch Gen2 motor and battery paired with a NuVinci N360 continuously variable planetary hub.

“Electric bikes can get more Americans out of cars and onto two wheels, and Gates wants to help drive growth in North America by exposing consumers to the benefits eBikes,” said Todd Sellden, global director of Gates Carbon Drive. “The Custom eBike Showcase allows top custom builders to present an American interpretation of the European eBike movement.”

English_Cycles_Custom eBike_Drivetrain

Award-winning builders participating in the showcase include Co-Motion Cycles, English Cycles, Calfee Design, Kent Eriksen Cycles, Ti Cycles, Dean Cycle Works, SyCip Designs, Boo Bicycles, Santana, Alternative Needs Transportation and Connor Wood Bicycles. Gates and its partners Bosch, SRAM, BionX and NuVinci gave the builders creative freedom to design eBikes to suit their functional and artistic visions. The belt drive eBikes cover a range of styles: fat bikes and cargo bikes, tandems, city and commuter bikes, and electric bikes made of bamboo and wood. The eBikes will feature electric drives from Bosch, SRAM and BionX, as well as NuVinci hubs.

The Custom eBike Showcase will be located in the Gates booth (#300) at the Charlotte Convention Center. Gates Carbon Drive is an official sponsor of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. “Electric bikes are a new thing for NAHBS and custom builders, and I will be curious to see the reaction from builders and the public,” said Don Walker, founder of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

GATES eBike Showcase logo

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Grace Urban MX2 Bosch

It’s no secret that Gates Carbon Drive is pushing into the electric bike market. The Gates belt drive simply makes sense on eBikes due to its clean and quiet attributes, and its all-weather durability. As part of this effort Gates has partnered with two of the leading brands in the eBike market: Bosch and Fallbrook Technologies. Bosch makes the most popular motor system for eBikes, pictured above, and Fallbrook makes the innovative NuVinci N360 continuously variable planetary hub and shifting system.

Grace Urban MX2 Nuvinci

This pairing of the Bosch, NuVinci and Gates systems is featured on some of the finest production eBikes, including the Grace MX Urban2, pictured below.

Grace Urban MX2 with hipster

Gates Carbon Drive has partnered with Bosch and Fallbrook on a novel initiative for the upcoming North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Gates will present a Custom eBike Showcase featuring five custom electric bikes created by some of the nation’s finest handmade bike builders, featuring the Bosch, NuVinci and Gates systems. Pictured below is an e-cargo bike created by English Cycles for the showcase, to be displayed at the show next month in Charlotte, North Carolina.

English_Cycles_Custom eBike_profile

We will present more Bosch/Gates/NuVinci custom eBikes in the month to come leading up to the show, March 14-16. Get ready to be electrified.

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Attending Eurobike 2012? Visit the Gates Carbon Drive booth (A2/202) to check out some cool new 2013 belt drive bikes–including one of the most technologically advanced full-suspension bikes of the year, Mi-Tech’s 29er with a Pinion gearbox. This bike will have huge media interest due to its technological innovations. Instead of an internally geared hub, which adds weight to the rear wheel, the gearbox is located in the bottom bracket, providing a more balanced bike that is low maintenance and takes a beating. Say goodbye to derailleurs.

E-bikes are also very hot in Europe. One of the most highly anticipated models is the Smart electric bike bike. Call it the Prius or Smart Car of bikes. It captures energy from braking to power up the battery. Smart is using a Gates Carbon Drive instead of a chain to provide superior performance. Check out the video:

German bike maker Schindelhauer will show off itsThinBike (pictured above). With bars that twist to the side to save space and pedals that fold up, the ThinBike is designed for space-cramped city dwellers who want a full-size bicycle that is easy to store in small apartments. The bike was designed in collaboration with founder Graham Hill. Watch the video:

In addition to these bikes, Gates will be showing off a number of new belt drive bikes from Nicolai (which is also building a Pinion gearbox prototype), Grace (a new e-bike), a custom Cyfac tandem, a fat tire bike from Sandman Bikes, as well as Frank Schneider’s Megavalanche SS hardtail, and many more. Stay tuned for more updates on interesting bikes with Gates Carbon Drive that will be rolling out at Eurobike. Sehr gut!

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The Source 11 urban commuter bike with Gates CenterTrack drive will be featured at the Eurobike 2011 tradeshow.Next week’s Eurobike trade show will be the biggest ever for Gates Carbon Drive, with more brands showing more belt drive bikes. The Source 11 (pictured at left) from Specialized is a swift 11-speed urban commuter that will be sold in both Europe and North America in 2012. It has all the bells and whistles you expect from a car-replacing transportation bike: disc brakes, dyno-powered lights, fenders and rack.  See more pix here. The Source 11 is also one of the models in Europe to spec Gates’ new CenterTrack drive, which is making its first big European debut at Eurobike 2011.

Eurobike 2011 will also feature the innovative, electric Smart e-bike with Gates Carbon Drive.Eurobike will also feature a number of innovative new electric bicycles with Carbon Drive, including the Smart e-bike above. Smart, which makes those cool compact cars, created the e-bike in collaboration with electric bike specialist Grace. It packs a 250-watt motor, a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) of range and ingenious regenerative braking (the energy created when braking is captured to recharge the battery, just like in a Prius or hybrid car). The styling is also impecable, looking like an iPhone on two wheels (it has an iPhone charging dock). Smart says its e-bike will be available in 2012 in North America and Europe, where the market for electric bikes is exploding–rising from 200,000 sold in 2007 to 700,000 last year. Check out the Gates drive train integrated with the rear wheel drive BionX system below. More pictures and news release from Daimler, Smart’s parent company,  here.The Gates drive train integrated with the rear wheel drive BionX on the electric Smart e-bike.

Scott is another brand that is debuting a new belt drive model in 2012. One look at the SUB 10 from Scott and you can see they are going for style points.

Debuting in 2012, the SUB 10 bicycle from Scott is outfitted with a Gates Carbon Drive system.

The SUB 10 from Scott. Photo courtesy of

Readers of this blog know that German brand Schindelhauer gets a lot of attention here. The company features five models of urban bikes, all with Gates Carbon Drive. We recently received word that their Von Ludwig XIV (14-speed Rohloff) has won the Urban Bike of the Year prize from Eurobike’s organizers. Check it out below.The Schindelhauer brand Von Ludwig XIV bike with Gates Carbon Drive has earned Urban Bike of the Year honors at the Eurobike tradeshow.If you plan to attend Eurobike, stop by the “Gates Tower,” (A2-202) where you can check out the Smart e-bike and multiple belt drive models from Schindelhauer and Nicolai and electric bikes from Grace. While belt drive  is growing by leaps and bounds in the commuter category, there will also be plenty of mountain bikes to check out including the Nicolai Argon 29er with Rohloff, pictured below.Mountain bikes including the Gates Carbon Drive enabled Nicolai Argon 29er are also featured at Eurobike.

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Gates Carbon Drive is sponsoring a contest to create the most innovative belt drive bikes for the 2012 North American Handmade Bike Show.

Some of the coolest new belt drive bike designs are coming from the growing cadre of custom frame builders across North America. Hoping to spur innovation, Gates Carbon Drive is sponsoring a contest for American and Canadian builders who create the most innovative new belt drive bikes equipped with Carbon Drive for display at the North American Handmade Bike Show in 2012. Gates will award $8,750 worth of cash and product to bike builders who devise the most elegant and innovative sliding dropouts and tensioners, frame splits and other creative designs. Click here for complete rules and the online entry form.

Best 'Off Road' bike at the North American Handmade Bike Show went to the Gates Carbon Drive Black Sheep mountain bike.

This Black Sheep touring mountain bike won best "Off Road" bike honors at NAHBS 2011

The number of beautiful bikes with Gates Carbon Drive has grown every year, and innovative custom bikes with Carbon Drive continue to win more awards at NAHBS. So, if you’re up for the challenge and have a mad science project in the works, step up to the plate and compete for the opportunity to win money and Carbon Drives and a boatload of free publicity courtesy of Gates. The North American Handmade Bike Show will be held in Sacramento, Calif., March 2-4. Gates will have a booth in Sacramento. Contest entrants must display their bike at NAHBS to be eligible. Enter now at

The Rosene Gates belt drive bike was the 2011 'Rookie of the Year' at the North American Handmade Bike Show.

Rosene's belt drive mtb won "Rookie of the Year" honors at NAHBS 2011. Photo via Flickr

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