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overlap_gulf_04 (2)

Gates will showcase a wide range of innovative bicycles and electric bikes at the Eurobike trade show in late August, including a beautiful Gulf Racing themed fixie from Overlap Bikes, whose colorful frame and drive are shown above. Read the full news release about Gates at Eurobike 2014 here. Gates will display bikes with Carbon Drive from Canyon, Stevens, Grace, Biomega, Ibis, Idworx, Flitzbike, Nicolai, Schindelhauer, Overlap, Dvoika, Faraday and Electrolyte. In addition, many other brands will display new models equipped with Gates Carbon Drive belts in their own booths: Ghost, Cube, Marin, Tout Terrain, Kettler, Mika Amaro, Patria, Riesse & Muller, Pilot, Derby, BMC, and more. New eBike brand Klaxon will launch multiple new models with Gates Carbon Drive in its booth and Demo tent. Below we offer a sneak peak at some of the bikes that Gates will show in its booth (A2-203) and at Demo Day, as well as some top picks that will be displayed elsewhere on the show floor.

Flitzbike is headquartered in the Upper Swabia region of southern Germany. For 2015 Flitzbike is introducing the CR18 Electric, a high-performance e-mountain bike that looks super-fun to ride.



The motto of Danish brand Biomega is Furniture for Locomotion. Their NYC, to be displayed in the Gates booth, comes in an eight-speed electronic shifting version, or with a two-speed auto shift, and features a mud guard on the downtube. Biomega will also launch a new cargo bike with Gates Carbon Drive at Eurobike in their own booth (A6-303B).


Bergamont is a favorite German brand with several models equipped with Gates Carbon Drive. Below is the E-Line C MGN.

Bergamont E-Line C MGN

Marin is an iconic brand that helped introduce the world to mountain bikes 30 years ago. In recent years it has pushed into the pavement category. New for 2015 is the Fairfax SC6 DLX, Marin’s top commuter bike. Marin will display the bike in its Eurobike booth (B4-100).

2015 Marin_Muir Woods_on the bench

Faraday is a stylish new eBike brand that will display its Porteur (below) in the Gates booth. Faraday plans to launch in Europe in 2015, and its Porteur has been a big hit in the USA.

Faraday_profile with porteur rack_BRG

Overlap’s Gulf Racing themed fixie is a must-see for street riders and track aficionados.

overlap_gulf_02 (2)

The Grace MXII, below, is widely considered to be one of the most stylish and high performance eBikes on the market.

GRACE MXII-3-urban-braun

For mountain bikers, Gates will display the new Ibis Tranny “Unchained” belt drive singlespeed—among the most coveted singlespeed race bikes available. Read our previous post about the Tranny, Ibis Unchained: Unleashing a Singlespeed Legend.

Ibis-Tranny-Carbon Drive frontsprocket

Nicolai will likewise show its new Ion 16 enduro bike with Gates belt and Effigear gearbox. This innovative MTB pushes the boundaries of what is possible for a rugged and low-maintenance enduro bike. Nicolai will also show it’s Argon Fat, below, which can be seen shredding and flying like no fat bike ever has in this video. It’s fääzzt and fett!


Nicolai FatBike_Pinion and Gates

Gates Carbon Drive’s motto for Eurobike is “Belting the world’s best bikes and eBikes. We will post more photos of Gates equipped bikes in the coming weeks leading up to Eurobike, so stay tuned. Meantime, read more about the new bikes, products and innovations that Gates will unveil at Eurobike.


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SOLID is an urban transportation machine created for the prestigious Oregon Manifest competition by a team of distinguished Portland designers and thinkers. Equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive belt system for low-maintenance simplicity and grease-free cleanliness, SOLID features 3D-printing technology, a mobile app and other innovative features designed to inspire everyday cycling with style and practicality. This beautiful work of functional design is the brainchild of Portland’s Ti Cycles and the PDX design firm Industry, with input from Nike design icon Tinker Hatfield, former Portland mayor and Portlandia actor Sam Adams, and others.  The bike features:

  • a 3D-printed frame and parts
  • a “Discover My City” mobile app
  • light and strong titanium “Super Commuter” frame
  • Gates Carbon Drive belt and sprockets for lightweight durability and cleanliness
  • internal geared hub for easy shifting without a derailleur
  • disc brakes for stopping power in all weather
  • dynamo powered electronics
  • fenders (it’s Portland!)
  • internal wiring for a smooth aesthetic.



INDUSTRY and Ti Cycles want to reclaim Portland as the bike capital of the world with their release of SOLID. Online voting begins on July 28 and concludes on August 2. Vote for the SOLID at Follow the hashtag #SOLIDPDX on Twitter and Instagram. Journalists and editors can download the full press kit with images and video at

Watch the video:

SOLID Bike – “Discover My City” from INDUSTRY on Vimeo.






More SOLID details:

• 3D-printed titanium handlebars
• Panaracer Pacenti Pari-Moto 650B road tires
• Matte black Ti Cycles carbon clincher 650B rims
• Gates Carbon Drive belt system
• TRP HY/RD hydraulic disc brakes
• Tig welded by master titanium expert Ti Cycles
• Titanium finish with bead blasted texture details
• Custom black Brooks Cambium seat
• Custom Ti Cycles handmade titanium seatpost
• Custom Ti Cycles bottom brackets
• Custom Ti Cycles monostay
• Custom Ti Cycles frame split for Carbon Drive belt installation.



Don’t forget to vote for SOLID at

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s bike in plaza with red stones
Some bikes are made for the mountains. Others for the open road. This bike is made for the city. For tight corners and quick accelerations. For Denver. It’s a BMC AC01 with Shimano Alfine Di2 electronic shifting. Clean, quiet and fast. Gates Carbon Drive just makes a bike more intriguing. More stylish. More practical. Cycling Simplified. Now imagine a greasy chain on this bike. How different it would be. You might not even turn to look. But you want to look at this bike. It’s a clean blue streak on the streets of Denver. Look fast before it’s gone.

s bike pedal

s bike Di2 hub

s bike headtube BMC

s bike Di2 bars

s bike profile on bridge horizontal

All photos by Gates team shooter Tim Lucking.

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Coast Cycles Coastliner in river

Everybody needs some time to coast. That’s the motto of new Singapore bike brand Coast Cycles, which has just launched the Coastliner belt drive urban bicycle. The Coastliner is a stylish and practical city bike engineered to brave the urban environment and withstand the elements. It is designed to be rust-free and simple to maintain, with a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

Coast Cycles Coastliner_profile_gray

The Coastliner hides its cables inside a seamless aluminium frame with no visible welds. Other features include soft-touch foam grips and microfiber saddles ideal for humid weather. It comes in four colors (matte white, satin chrome, grey, and pearl white), with the choice of Shimano Alfine 11-Speed internal gear hub, or the SRAM Automatix two-speed auto shifter for ultimate simplicity.

Coast Cycles Coastliner_stealth cable routing closeup

The company and bike are the work of Jansen Tan, a former Singaporean national “bike trials” athlete who began designing bicycles while studying at Temasek Polytechnic. “What started out as a small project to design one new frame and the hope of creating an ideal bicycle blossomed into a whole new bicycle brand,” he said. “The focus of Coast Cycles is the feeling of the ride. The name came from the idea of coasting, of taking some time out and enjoying the journey.”

Coast Cycles Coastliner on shoulder

Coast Cycles, based in the trendy Siglap district of Singapore, is also a two-story bicycle concept store and cycle cafe with 3,000 square feet of retail space that features boutique local coffee, a greenery patio and Singaporean snack foods including “Rendang hot dogs” and “Honeycomb cheese toast.” We’ve never had either of those but they sound awesome. Customers can test the smooth Gates Carbon Drive equipped Coastliner on a rolling trainer inside the air conditioned shop if it is too humid outside, all while listening to modern music from the Singaporean label Darker than Wax.

Coast Cycles Coastliner_white profile

Coast Cycles is located at 54 Siglap Drive, Singapore, 456176. See more photos and information about the Coastliner at and


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BMC AC01-Lamborghini- profile

BMC and Lamborghini have collaborated on a special edition Lamborghini-branded city bike that delivers style, technical innovation…and lots of horsepower.  “The alpenchallenge edizione speciale combines carbon fiber monococque components with a tubular aluminum space frame,” BMC said in announcing the new bike. “It is equipped to perform with components that are both visually and functionally integrated with the chassis, incorporating some of the latest technological developments in the bicycle industry.” The Lamborghini bike is available through BMC and Lamborghini dealers. More info here.

BMC AC01-Lamborghini red belt

On March 25 at 16:00 Central European Time (morning in North America) BMC’s Switzerland-based lifeststyle bike product manager, Terrance Malone, will be on Facebook and available to answer questions about this bike and BMC’s other models with Gates Carbon Drive. If you are a Lamborghini fan, go here next Tuesday to see or participate in the discussion:


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