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As we look back at 2013, the Gates Carbon Drive singlespeed mountain bike team would like to thank all its sponsors for creating some amazing bikes and contributing to a highly successful season. The team hit 30 races in three states and landed on the podium 24 times. Team captain and bearded pedal pusher Tim Lucking took first place in the 18 Hours of Fruita as part of a two-man team that raced on singlespeeds against geared competition. Says Tim:

“Mitch Westall had a banner year, winning three of the biggest series in Colorado–the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series, the Winter Park Race Series, and the Highlands Ranch Backcountry Mountain Bike Series. Jesse Swift, Derek Strong, and Taylor Nye took third place in the team relay category of the grueling Breckenridge 100.”

Watch the video atop this post to see the bikes in action–and to get a peak at the sponsors’ products from Spot Brand, Crank Brothers, Manitou, TRP, Lazer and Primal.

 2013 team shot Tim


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Berlin’s Schindelhauer Bikes knows how to make great videos along with beautiful bikes. Their latest creation is “Paint it Black,” which features an urban industrial soundtrack and big fixie skids in a warehouse. The bike shown is Schindelhauer’s Viktor.

And in case you missed it, check out their previous video, “The White Side,” which features some nice street riding and a white Viktor.

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BMC Racing Team press officer Sean Weide has one of the coolest bikes on the Pro Tour. Watch the video of Sean in action at the Tour of Utah, and learn about the bike that makes all his colleagues jealous.



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The motto for the new BMC city bikes featured in the teaser video above is “Pick Faster.” The 2014 AC01 with Gates Carbon Drive is indeed faster. Faster than other urban bikes, faster than other modes of transportation, faster than parking your car. BMC makes some of the world’s speediest racing bikes, and its goal for the brand’s city bikes is to prove that internal gear hubs and belt drives help you get to the office, or from A to B, faster and more efficiently. So go ahead: pick faster. Look for the full video to launch in the coming months.




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Nicolai has released a couple videos of two new 2014 bikes, the Fat Bike and the Rocc 29er.

Beautiful camera work, closeups and a pumped up soundtrack in this video of the 29er:

This next one is seriously ridiculous! Watch Frank Schneider bounce down some rocky trails to a hillbilly music soundtrack. The intro with two German dudes debating the merits of wheel size is spot-on in its mocking tone about the debate over 29 versus 650b/27.5. Hard not to smile watching this video:

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